What is ALEX Staking Power and How do I use it?

What is ALEX Staking Power and How do I use it?

ALEX Staking Power, or APower, is a special incentive awarded to $ALEX stakers and yield farmers. Accumulate APower to receive special access to the IDOs of the next big projects on Stacks launching through ALEX.

What is APower?

APower is a non-transferrable and non-tradable token. You earn APower through staking on the ALEX platform, either by:

  1. Stake $ALEX (1x Multiplier)

  2. Stake LP tokens through Yield Farming (0.3x Multiplier)

APower is the lottery ticket that allows you to take part in any future IDO rounds on our Launchpad. There is no maximum amount of APower an address can earn over a period of time. If you are interested in frequently participating in IDOs, staking $ALEX would generate APower fastest.

Every IDO is unique, however, and may have a cap on the amount of APower that can be allocated. This is to prevent IDOs dominated by a small group of β€œwhale” members.

How ALEX Launchpad Tier System Works

We have several Tiers for all $ALEX stakers / yield farmers. Details will be announced later. In the meantime, continue staking $ALEX and LP tokens to earn more APower and support the next emerging projects coming to Stacks.

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