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ALEX (updated)

What is ALEX

ALEX (Automated Liquidity Exchange) is the first complete DeFi platform built for Bitcoin through Stacks smart contracts. Bring your Bitcoin to life: launch new projects, earn interest, swap tokens, rewrite finance, reinvent culture.
There is close to $1T of capital asleep in Bitcoin wallets, this is an ocean of money that ALEX seeks to awaken. ALEX unlocks the potential of Bitcoin by taking the ultimate store of value and building on top of it the first truly permissionless, trustless and decentralized financial service for the people.
ALEX offers a suite of DeFi opportunities that includes:
  • Discover and participate in the IDO rounds of emerging Stacks projects through the launchpad
  • AMM DEX with deep liquidity
  • Earn exciting returns through: providing liquidity, $ALEX staking and yield farming
Coming soon:
  • Fixed-rate and fixed-term lend and borrowing without liquidation risk
  • Margin trading
  • Advanced order-book DEX, allowing limit orders as well as enabling NFT auctions
Just as Bitcoin is the “gold standard” of crypto, ALEX will become gold standard of DeFi.
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