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Getting prepared

Yield farming takes a little work to get set up.

You’re going to need some "LP Tokens" to enter into a Farm with. Farms can only accept their own exact LP Token; for example, the STX-ALEX Farm will only accept STX-ALEX LP Tokens.

Let's go through step by step.

Finding your Farm

Before you proceed, you'll want to choose a Farm that's right for you. Visit the Farm tab and you’ll see a list of available Farms.

When you find a Farm that you'd like to use, note down the trading pair, e.g. STX-ALEX in case you need it later.

Providing liquidity to get LP Tokens

Now that you've found a Farm to stake in, you will need to add liquidity to get your LP Tokens.

  1. Click on the Pool tab on the top navigation bar.

  2. Find the Pool linked with your selected farm then click in to add liquidity.

This will open the Add Liquidity page for your Farm's pair. We have a guide to adding liquidity you can follow to get your LP Tokens.

Putting your LP Tokens into a farm

Now that you have your LP Tokens, you’re ready to start staking them in a Farm and earning rewards!

Putting your LP Tokens into the Farm

  1. Go back to the Farms page and locate your Farm.

  2. Type the amount of LP Tokens you would like to farm with into the field, or just click Max to use all of your LP Tokens.

  3. When you have the amount entered, the Confirm button will light up. Click it. Your wallet will ask you to confirm your action.

  4. After a short wait, the window will close, and you will see your new staked LP Token balance in the details.

Adding or removing LP Tokens from a Farm

You may decide you would like to add more LP Tokens to a Farm at a later date, or to take some out of a Farm. You can do this very easily whenever you'd like.

  1. Return to the Farms page.

  2. You should now see the pairs you have LP Tokens in at the top of the page, making it easier to find your Farm.

  3. Find the Farm you have LP Tokens in, and click the row to view details. You will see a dashboard with your farming details. Your LP token will be automatically avaliable for removing when your committed cycle ends. You can also add new LP tokens by using the farming panel below dashboard.

  4. Make sure your information is correct. When you are ready, click the Confirm button and confirm the action in your wallet.

  5. After a short wait, your new balance will show in the details section of your LP Token pair. If you've unstaked your LP Tokens, any unharvested rewards you had will automatically have been collected.

Farm & Harvest

Farming will earn you $ALEX and APower rewards over time. You can collect these rewards and use them to get more LP Tokens and stake them in ALEX Farms.

Harvesting your farming rewards

At the end of every staking cycle (525 Blocks, approximately 3.5 days) there will be rewards available to harvest. To farm your rewards, you’ll need to

  • Click on the “Farm”tab

  • Click on “Harvest All” and confirm the transaction

  • Once the transaction is complete, the amounts will be reflected to your balance.

How often should I harvest my rewards?

To maximize your returns it is best to harvest your rewards after every cycle ends.

After harvesting, you can stake your $ALEX reward manually for generate compounding interest.

But remember, the reward will only start generating yield from the next cycle, as the current cycle is a “cool down” period. So to maximize the APR you earn, it is best to stake for the longer cycle periods to avoid missing out on any reward cycles due to the “cool down” period.

Happy Farming


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