🐳How to Add/Remove Liquidity

How to Add/Remove Liquidity

Participating in the Liquidity Pools

1- click on the “Pool” tab of the menu bar to view the available liquidity pools to select from:

All available pools will be displayed including information such as:

Trading Pairs: Available liquidity pool token pairs to which you can add liquidity (Example: STX/ALEX)

Liquidity: The amount of total liquidity in USD value.

Volume: The trading volume between the liquidity pair tokens, displaying both 24-hour and 7-day volume.

Fees: The amount of all fees generated from the liquidity pool token pair via swaps which accrues over time.

2- Select the token pair to which you want to add liquidity and click “+ Liquidity.”

After selecting “+ Liquidity” you’ll be taken to a control panel for that specific liquidity pool, allowing you to “Add Liquidity” or “Remove Liquidity” to that token pair.

3- If you want to adjust slippage then select the “Setting” icon will open the Transaction Setting panel. Here you can specify:

Slippage Tolerance: Slippage tolerance is the maximum % of price movement you accept between where you agree to enter a transaction and its execution. The default slippage tolerance is set to 4% but you can select a custom percentage. If price movement exceeds the slippage tolerance, the transaction will be cancelled.

4- Add/Remove liquidity

Example: you insert 1000 STX and will automatically add an equal amount of XBTC in $ value, the pair has a ratio of 50% : 50%

5- Click “Confirm” which will bring up the smart contract confirmation window where you would select “Confirm” then wait until the transaction is confirmed.

After successfully adding liquidity, you will be able to see your LP tokens in the ‘My Liquidity’ panel.

The ‘Pooled’ amount represents the total token holdings of the Liquidity Pool.

The “My Pool Share” reflects your contribution, as a percentage, to the pool’s liquidity for reference.

The “Pooled” amount changes depending on the price action of both assets, which may result in changing values.


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