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How To Lend

First, you’ll need to select the token you wish to lend. Visit the ALEX DAPP, connect to Hiro wallet (upper right corner), go to the “LEND” tab on the top menu, and see a list of available tokens.


Having selected your preferred token:
  1. 1.
    Input the total amount you wish to deposit.
  2. 2.
    Confirm by selecting the “Deposit” button in the deposit panel and pop-up window.
You will notice in the panel that you are minting yToken with the amount minted changing relative to what you input for the amount deposited.
yToken acts as the smart contract equivalent of a Certificate of Deposit (CD) in TradFi.
  • You will receive a certain amount of yToken.
Lenders can redeem the yToken at maturity with a guaranteed fixed-rate yield (rate displayed on the lend panel) having accrued to the principal.
  • Lenders could also alternatively choose to sell their yToken before maturity by selecting the “sell” button on the right of the My Deposits panel.
  • Indicative yToken price will be displayed in the pop-up window along with slippage (slippage rate can be customized by selecting the settings icon at the top right).
Lenders can choose to sell only a portion of their yTokens and hold the rest to be redeemed upon maturity.
When the yToken reaches its maturity block, the lender can select to “claim” their principal and accrued interest.
ALEX also offers the option to “rollover” your deposits to extend the maturity date into the next deposit period.
By selecting the “Rollover” button, the smart contract will automatically rollover your deposited principal and interest together into yToken earning the new cycle’s fixed interest rate.