👉Set up Hiro Wallet

Installing Hiro Wallet

(see below images for screenshots of all numbered steps)

  1. Open a new tab in Chrome and in the address field go to www.hiro.so/wallet

  2. Select “Install Extension”

  3. Next select “Install from Chrome Web Store”

  4. Select “Add to Chrome”

  5. Confirm by selecting “Add Extension.” Extension should now install within a few seconds.

  6. The “Help us improve” screen will appear, select whichever option you prefer.

  7. You should now see “Hiro Wallet is installed” then select “I’m new to Stacks”

  8. Saving your Secret Key. This a critical step you should take seriously (please see details in Appendix). Do not store these words on an internet or cloud connected device. We recommend you “Copy to clipboard”, paste into a document/text editor, print 3–5 physical copies (then close document without saving), store each physical copy in a different secure location. When you are ready, select “I’ve saved it” to proceed.

  9. Set a password for your wallet. This password is a shortcut so that you can access your wallet on this specific browser without having to enter the Key Phrase each time (please see details in Appendix). Once password is set, select “Done.”

  10. Your Hiro Wallet has been successfully created! By clicking on “Copy Address” you will copy to clipboard your Stacks wallet address (which will always begin with “SP….”).

  11. Of course your wallet is empty at this point, and an empty wallet isn’t useful for very much, so scroll over to the “Buy” button to add funds in the form of STX to your wallet (please see details in Appendix).

  12. With some STX deposited, you are now ready to proceed to the ALEX to experience full service DeFi on Bitcoin. Enjoy!

Transaction Fees

A small transaction fees will be charged in STX for every transaction, that is including every function on ALEX(swap, staking, farming, etc)

The transaction fee is not charged by ALEX APP. It is the “gas token” of the Stacks ecosystem.

The default transaction fee setting is 0.75 STX, you may manually adjust the amount of transaction fee before and during(only increase) pending transactions.

Connect Hiro Wallet with ALEX

Once you finished your hiro wallet setting, you can go to app.alexlab.co in your chrome browser.

then click connect (On the right top of your screen)

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