$BANANA Due Diligence Report

$BANANA is the alpha token used for all utilities in the Bitcoin Monkey ecosystem that has been released so far (with plans to expand the islands and utility even further). The original Monkey collection generates $BANANA which is the key utility token.

What is BTC Monkey :

As we have already done the IDO for the primary token $BANANA we are familiar with BTC Monkeys as the first yield generating NFT project on Stacks.


$BANANA is the alpha utility token used in the Bitcoin Monkey ecosystem. The total supply of $BANANA token that will ever exist is 1,000,000. The token is deflationary through its monetary policy and utility & burn.

The following utility has been announced so far for the $BANANA token:

  • Monkey Store

  • Mutation Chamber

  • Monkey Naming Centre

  • Trading Exchange

  • Customize Merchandise Apparel and Items

  • Metaverse Sandbox

  • Expansion & Breeding


The total supply of $BANANA token that will ever exist is 1,000,000 which can be unlocked and acquired in the following ways:

$BANANA is 100% a community-owned token and acquired (produced) through holding of Bitcoin Monkeys NFT – it is released to those staking Bitcoin Monkeys every Block from the Pool. The total amount of $BANANA released from the Pool every day is dependent on the total number of BitcoinMonkey NFT’s staked. The Team’s allocation of the token will release into the community over time in with all $BANANA being owned by the community and in circulation eventually.

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