$SLIME Due Diligence Report

$SLIME is the secondary Token of the BTC Monky ecosystem. The original Monkey collection generates $BANANA which is the key utility token, but the new mutant monkey series generates $SLIME of value in upgrading monkey and future play-to-earn mechanism.

What is BTC Monkeys :

As we have already done the IDO for the primary token $BANANA we are familiar with BTC Monkeys as the first yield generating NFT project on Stacks.

What is $SLIME TOKEN :

$SLIME is the beta secondary utility token used in the Bitcoin Monkey ecosystem. $SLIME will be produced from the secondary collection of 5000 Mutant Monkey NFT’s creating its own mini-ecosystem however ultimately converting to $BANANA.

The following utility has been planned as part of the roadmap for the $SLIME token:

  • Mutant Level Up

  • Breeding

  • Slime Laboratory

  • Metaverse Sandbox

  • Expansion


$BANANA and $SLIME are used together as a dual token with utility across the ecosystem (The diagram below is subject to change and will expand as more utility is added).

  • $SLIME will be used by Mutant Monkey holders and will be able to be converted to $BANANA via a Dex

  • $SLIME will be burnt when used similar to $BANANA at a rate of 30% whenever spent apart from Leveling Up Mutant Monkey which will be at a 100% burn rate (this is subject to change until release)

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